Welcome to Your College Sensei

Thank you for visiting my website! Your College Sensei is an independently owned personal educational site. Unlike most other college sites, everything written on this site is based on firsthand experience. Using myself as an example, my objective is to show students how to graduate from college efficiently. This means quickly and with the least amount of debt possible. Education is very multifaceted. It has many moving parts and there are countless ways to earn a degree. “You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.”—Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings. I do not assume I have all the answers. Therefore, I only write about what I know worked for me with the goal that some of it might work for you as well.

My Education:

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I graduated from high school at 16, received my AS Degree in Business Administration at 17 from Butte Community College, earned my BS in Business Entrepreneurship at 19, and my MBA in Entrepreneurship and Global Business at 20 from California State University Sacramento. I worked 60+ hours a week for a fortune 500 company, opening one of their $500 million properties while working on my master’s degree. In addition, I finished my MBA a semester early. By 21 I was promoted within the same company to a management position.

If you want more detail on my academic background you can read about it here, My Academic Story. Browse around the website, I have listed my transcripts from both my colleges so you can see the academic path I took. Wherever you are in your academic career, I hope I can motivate and teach you. College is one of our biggest investments and it consumes two of our most precious resources, time and money. I will teach you to use both wisely and efficiently.

About The Name:

The word Sensei translates to teacher. Through this blog, I hope to teach others how to achieve their academic goals wisely and efficiently. I am a Sensei in karate. At 19, I earned my second-degree black belt. I had the privilege to test in Okinawa, Japan in front of my Grand Master. When I decided to start college at 13 my parents wanted me to know self-defense, and to take care of myself if needed. I started my first karate class at the same time I started my first semester in college. For me, the two, my martial arts training and my academics, go hand in hand.