What Is Golisano Institute For Business and Entrepreneurship

two Golisano Institute business students sitting in black chairs at a white desk

If you have spent any time around Your College Sensei, you know I am all about efficiency. Not only do I love when things are done efficiently but I also love all things business—that’s why I have 3 business degrees. I also love learning and academics. So when I heard about Golisano Institute For Business and Entrepreneurship I had to do a little more research.

Let’s dive in…

Golisano Institute Is An All-Inclusive School

There is a lot about the Golisano Institute that I like, but what impresses me most is how all-inclusive it is. Golisano Institute is for students of all backgrounds and ages. Whether you are right out of high school, a returning student, a working professional, or a veteran, if you have any interest in the business world you can apply.

This inclusivity is important to me. Not only does it benefit the staff and students, but it also creates a diverse and enriched environment. That is the ideal environment to learn and study in. I started college at 13. Typically, I was the youngest in my classes. I was grateful that my professors didn’t treat me any differently than other students. My learning environment was unique. The Golisano Institute learning environment is unique too.

Accelerated Business

My academic career was very accelerated. I received my AS at 16, my BS at 19 and my MBA at 20. I focused on my classes and only took what was necessary, that’s how I earned 3 degrees in four years. My goal was to learn as much as I could and get into the business world as quickly as possible. Golisano Institute does the same.

Their program is built to deliver significantly more business courses in less time than typical universities or colleges. This is how they provide an accelerated academic path. What would take a student typically 4 years to complete can be completed in 2. You will cut your time in half—saving both time and money—efficiency at its best.

What Makes The Golisano Institute So Special

Here is what they state on their website.

“At Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship, your learning experience will be shaped by direct access to the real business world through hands-on mentorships, invaluable internships, and exposure to prominent business leaders during weekly symposiums.”

Hands-on learning is the most valuable type of learning a student can experience. There’s no substitution for it. The process of learning by actually doing and experiencing something instead of simply being told or reading about it is priceless. The Golisano Institute partners with prominent businesses to give students direct exposure to real business experiences. Students will thrive in this environment and will become business-world-ready in no time.

Admission Requirements

There is no application fee to apply to the Golisano Institute. They do not require standardized test scores (SAT or ACT). Instead, applicants will be evaluated on their education transcripts (college or high school transcript), work experience, an introductory statement, as well as a formal interview.

They are looking for students who are professional and self-aware. They want to see a commitment to learning and growing in the business world. 500 students are the maximum they will accept. If you get chosen you will be a part of an elite group. This means you will be a part of a tight-knit community of diverse learners. They want to know you will fit in, contribute, and thrive.

If you have any questions you can meet via video chat with the Director of Admissions to ask questions and learn more about Golisano Institute. They are now accepting applications for September 2023.

the words "Together we create" spray painted on a brick wall representing the inclusivity of the Golisano Institute

Price Of Tuition

Tuition is $8,900 per year, which is affordable compared to the cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree and a graduate business degree. This affordability helps students avoid taking on debt.

It gets even better. Tuition assistance and scholarships will be available for those accepted into the institute.

Rochester Campus

Classes are held on campus Monday-Friday, from 8:45 am – 1:00 pm. The Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship campus features a 125,000-square-foot facility.

The address is: 150 Sawgrass Drive, Rochester, New York.


For students seeking local accommodations, Golisano Institute has partnered with Innovation Square. Innovation Square is located in the heart of downtown Rochester and the Downtown Innovation Zone, conveniently located within walking distance of many popular attractions and restaurants. They provide a safe, academically focused living option.

Innovation Square apartments provide everything you need. They offer one-to-four-bedroom options and include in-unit laundry, private bedrooms, internet, utilities, and additional amenities. They have on-site parking options.

My Final Thoughts

It’s worth repeating, there is a lot to like about the Golisano Institute. They are pioneering a new way of learning that enables students to learn and study business efficiently. The opportunities they are providing students are exceptional, exciting, and cutting edge. Hands-on learning, mentorships, and internships are opportunities that are invaluable to their students. The network of amazing professionals that you will create at the Golisano Institute will be worth its weight in gold. These are very exciting times to be in the world of business!