10 Instagram Accounts Students Should Follow For Scholarships

Instagram for scholarships

As a college student, you should always look for scholarships. One of the best ways to find scholarships is online. I wrote about the top websites for scholarships in, How To Get Scholarships For College. But if you are looking for additional resources, Instagram accounts for scholarships are a great place to find opportunities.

When it comes to social media, there are both good and bad aspects. However, one of its biggest benefits is connectivity. A social media platform such as Instagram allows you to stay up-to-date and get information quickly. Furthermore, following Instagram accounts that give scholarship information is smart because it reminds you to keep looking for them. Sometimes life gets so busy you forget to go to specific websites and search.

There are several Instagram accounts for scholarships, however, you don’t need to follow all of them, a handful will do.

Here are 10 Instagram accounts for scholarships you can follow for funding opportunities.

1. Access Scholarships

Access Scholarships is a scholarship search tool striving to connect students with scholarship opportunities, helpful information, and resources that they need to be successful in their higher education journeys and beyond.

2. The Scholarship Plug

Scholarship Plug’s mission is to empower students and families with the information needed to successfully plan “early” to fund their dreams. By partnering with colleges, scholarship programs, nonprofits, private organizations, church groups, and after-school programs, The Scholarship Plug is determined to help bring the Nation’s FAFSA completion rate up. Many of The Scholarship Plug’s strengths are exhibited while assisting students and families on their quest towards obtaining the best financial aid packages and scholarship opportunities.

3. ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl is your source of relief from the dreaded application process. They put students on the fast-track to success by providing direct access to the scholarships they need the most. Take the hassle out of financial aid and maximize your chance at a free ride in college. No matter how much funding you need for school, they have the opportunities you’re looking for.

4. Scholarships Corner

Scholarships Corner is a diverse forum where people aspiring to pursue college can find all the requisite websites links, scholarship programs, fellowships, exchange programs, conferences, Summer Programs, Entrepreneurial Events, Internships, workshops symposiums, and pieces of information, guidelines, and procedures.

5. Bold

Bold.org wants to help students fight debt. They have exclusive scholarships that was available to all US students.

6. Scholarship 360

The Scholarship 360 platform offers data-driven, personalized matching with scholarships and expert advice from financial aid professionals. They are helping students find and fund their education.

7. Scholarship America

Scholarship America is a Minnesota-based American philanthropic organization that assists communities, corporations, foundations, and individuals with fundraising, managing, and awarding scholarships to students. The organization designs, administers, and manages corporate and foundation scholarship programs; it also operates Dollars for Scholars, a coalition of local scholarship organizations in communities across the United States.

8. Scholarships.com

Founded in 1998, Scholarships.com has helped students find money for college and learn about the entire financial aid process. Scholarships.com is among the most widely-used and trusted free college scholarship search and financial aid information resources on the Internet and have been recognized by high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide, among others. They have built solid relationships with colleges and universities across the country and want to provide students with the opportunity to not only find free money for college and interact with prospective colleges but to be recruited as well.

9. Fastweb Scholarships

Fastweb Scholarships is a free scholarship search platform that connects students to scholarships and financial aid tools. Their goal is to help you find scholarships to make school more affordable.

10. American Indian College Fund

If you are Native American be sure to follow American Indian College Fund. They provide financial support for Native American students and tribal colleges and universities and also support programs for institutional growth and sustainability, and cultural preservation. I received multiple scholarships from The American Indian College Fund which I am so grateful for.

Also, follow The Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA) as they post about Native scholarships from time to time.

Pay Less For College

Another great way to save money when going to college is to pay less for it. I was able to receive 3 degrees, AS, BS, and MBA, and not go into debt. It was because I did everything I could to save money. I didn’t take out a single student loan. I had no college savings account (529) and I never received financial aid (FASFA). Nor did my parents or anyone else solely pay my way.

It was through wise choices and strict spending and saving, I was able to pay less for college and avoid student loans, and graduate debt-free.

Be sure to check out my 3 tips on How To Pay Less For College.

Parents, if you are looking for ways to support your student during the scholarship searching and applying process here is a great guide, 7 Tips On How To Help Your Student With Scholarships.

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If you are looking for more information on how to get scholarships check out, Monica Matthews, at How to Win College Scholarships. She has written two ebooks, a parent and student version of, “How to Win College Scholarships”. What I like about her approach is she wants parents and students to come together to form a partnership for the scholarship process. This is the best and most efficient way to search and apply for scholarships. She also has an amazing “Scholarship Toolkit Organizer” that goes far beyond the typical spreadsheet and is an essential must-have tool for all scholarship-searching families.

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