4 Websites For Scholarships Just For Women

scholarships for women

Happy International Women’s Day!

This year marks the 112th International Women’s Day, after the first official event in 1911. Here’s to the moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmas, wives, girlfriends, and all the wonderful women in our lives. Thank you for all you do.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, I am showcasing scholarships for women.


The best way to find scholarships is online. Here are 4 websites for scholarships or grants for women. Some of the websites will overlap in their information, but it’s still worth consulting each of them regularly to see if new scholarships are available. Some of these websites are also known to sell your personal data or send you email advertisements. You may want to create an email just for applying for scholarships or go into your setting and restrict what they can send you or you may become inundated.


AAWU Website homepage for scholarships for women

2. My Degree Guide

My Degree Guide home page scholarships for women

3. Best Colleges

Best Colleges Website homepage for 
scholarships for women

4. Access Scholarships

Payless For College

A great way to save money when going to college is to pay less for it. I was able to receive 3 degrees, AS, BS, and MBA, and not go into debt. It was because I did everything I could to save money. I didn’t take out a single student loan. I had no college savings account (529) and I never received financial aid (FASFA). Nor did my parents or anyone else solely pay my way.

It was through wise choices and strict spending and saving, I was able to Pay Less For College and avoid student loans, and graduate debt-free.

Be sure to celebrate and honor the incredible women around you.