Why A College Degree Is So Important

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Earning a college degree is important on many levels. A degree prepares you intellectually and socially for your career and for life. The opportunities and benefits of a college education go far beyond career opportunities such as better pay and benefits, studies have shown that it also leads to overall happiness and stability.

A degree can help a candidate stand out to potential employers. It lets an employer know that you can remain committed and work through years of academic courses to become knowledgeable in a specific field of study. It also shows employers that you have learned many skills that will be of value in the job setting. Skills such as perseverance, communication, time management, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

It’s Easier To Get A Job With A College Degree

There is overwhelming evidence that a college degree substantially improves one’s employment prospects and earnings potential. When students start college, it can be difficult for students to find their focus, not everybody is certain about what they want to major in. However, most students know they want a good-paying and secure job. This is why they are willing to make the investment of time and money to go to college. Bachelor’s degree holders are 50% less likely to be unemployed compared to their peers who only have a high school diploma.

A college degree can open up unexpected and exciting opportunities and pathways that aren’t always available to those who haven’t earned a higher level of education. This is why having a college degree is important, you are a stronger candidate for higher-earning jobs. A degree can open doors to career employment opportunities that are more attractive, having perks such as a better work environment, retirement, health insurance, paid time off, bonuses, stock options, wellness benefits, continuing education, as well as a gym and other memberships.

Having A College Degree Pays More

For most people, the ability to earn more money is the driving force behind going to college. The motto, “The More You Learn, The More You Earn”, is statically supported when it comes to a college education. A post-secondary degree, whether it is an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD, is the most common route to careers that demand higher skills and therefore, offer higher pay.

There are substantial differences in lifetime earnings by educational attainment. According to SSA.gov, men with bachelor’s degrees earn approximately $900,000 more in median lifetime earnings than high school graduates. Women with bachelor’s degrees earn $630,000 more in median lifetime earnings than high school graduates. Men with graduate degrees earn $1.5 million more in median lifetime earnings than high school graduates. Women with graduate degrees earn $1.1 million more. That’s a lot of money!

Earning potential varies depending on what field you get your degree in and the industry you work in. If you choose one of the top 5 in-demand college degrees you will not only enter a strong employment field that is high earning, but you will have a career that will be in demand for years to come.


While the benefits of a college degree greatly affect future earnings and career opportunities it also provides an opportunity to build and establish a professional network for yourself. The goal of professional networking is for professionals to connect and help each grow in their careers. Having a strong network can lead to new opportunities that might be out of reach otherwise.

If you are having a hard time getting a job, Why College Graduates Can’t Find A Job With A Degree may provide some insight.

According to LinkedIn, 85% of job vacancies are filled through direct referrals from one’s network. Read that again…85%! Students and recent graduates often get jobs based on recommendations through their network of colleagues, friends, and professors. Having a professional network can help you learn about upcoming job opportunities before others do. Creating a professional network can mean the difference between finding a job or getting a promotion, and those networks start forming in college.

Just like a college degree is more than just a way to a better and higher-paying job, networking is more than just building professional relationships, exchanging ideas, and looking for referrals and promotions. Networking also contributes to professional confidence and social well-being. Friendships often start at the workplace and at professional gatherings. Researchers have found that friendships and health are closely linked.

I recommend every college student has a LinkedIn account. If you haven’t already created an account, sit down with a laptop or computer to start your profile. If you already have an account, this guide, The Complete LinkedIn Workshop For College Students, will ensure that your profile is ready for your peers and potential employers to see. 

A College Degree Is Important As It’s Linked To Happiness

The positive effects of a college degree reach far beyond the degree itself. Aside from becoming well-studied and proficient in your major, along the way to earning your degree, college teaches you to think analytically, understand complex subjects and communicate your own critical ideas and opinions about them. It also instills crucial skills like organization, self-discipline, and the ability to complete tasks from start to finish. College helps shape you into a more focused, driven, and professional individual which spills over into your everyday life.

A college degree increases your self-esteem, and you value and appreciate yourself more because of the time and effort you put into educating yourself. Life experiences shape you. The path to learning is also the path to growth. College provides structure and strengthens your decision-making foundation, your competence, and maturity. This makes your interactions with, family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances more meaningful and fulfilling.  

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Your self-confidence is boosted too. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself and your abilities. You are more apt to take risks because you have the confidence to move outside your comfort zone. Self-confidence is a leadership trait that leads to innovation, achievement, and success.

Happy and confident people socially engage with others. They become active citizens, partaking in charitable endeavors, and joining community groups as well as other educational activities. Through their positive and healthy habits, they help others to lead a similar life. They become a valuable part of society.

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