Back To School Supplies Amazon Deals For College Students

back to school supplies, shower caddy, organization, coffee pot, desk storage, water bottle, phone and watch charger

Whether you’re a freshman or a returning student some essential back to school supplies will make college life easier and more comfortable. When life is easier you are less stressed and a better student. I want you to be the best student you can be so you can focus on your classes and get through college as quickly as possible.

Start planning what you will need for a successful year of college and get your shopping done early. Amazon has all the deals when it comes to back to school supplies. As a college student, you will need supplies for studying, your dorm room, your backpack, and so much more.

Students can get a discount on their Amazon Prime student subscription. A membership will cost $90 per year or $7.49 per month. The Best College Student Discounts.

Studying Essentials

Items you will use on a daily basis for taking notes, studying, and completing assignments. These will be a MUST for your back to school supplies.

Bedroom and Bath

These are essentials for college students planning to live in a dorm.

Storage and Organization

With limited space, college students need to make the best out of the space they have.

Backpack Essentials

Backpacks and the items you will need in them most. Having everything you need with you and at your fingertips will save you time and money, 15 Items Every Student Should Have In Their Backpack.

Study Space

Having an organized and clean study space will create a productive study environment saving you time and stress. It’s also one of the smartest things you can do as it sets you up to be a successful student. Learn How To Create The Perfect Study Space.

Personal Items

Personal items are just that, personal to you and what you need while you’re going to college.



Dorm room kitchen essentials.


Extras to make college a little more fun!

Starting school is a mixture of excitement, stress, and exhaustion. However, it’s so rewarding. A little preparation and planning can go a long way to reduce anxiety and simplify the process.

For a downloadable packing list, see The Ultimate College Packing List.